No matter how pleasant times you spend at Mandrino Hotel, there is always a reason to enjoy the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. The city center is offered for unforgettable outings, day and night! There is a wide range for entertainment and most certainly will satisfy even the most discerning guest. Thessaloniki has numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and cinemas. Take on board your most good mood and start your outing in the most 'lively' city of Greece!

In many cafes and pastry shops of the town you can taste coffee blends from all over the world, traditional pastries of Thessaloniki, and sweet delicacies from all over Greece. In most cafeterias cold dishes are served along with a menu containing countless options.

When it's time for food, many words are unnecessary. Besides, it is known to travelers everywhere that Thessaloniki can meet the most demanding palate. Culinary delights at every corner of the city. From taverns and ethnic flavors to more gourmet situations, Thessaloniki is what we call the "heaven for foodies"! We suggest you try the delicious hangouts at Athonos Square in the center, visit the taverns of the Upper Town, the shops at Navarinou and of course the famous Ladadika.

No visit to Thessaloniki can be considered complete unless you pay a visit to the city's nightspots. Bars with mainstream and underground music, clubs, bouzoukia (nightclubs with live Greek folk music) and famous multi venues such as Fix, Vilka and Mylos, create a setting that combines everything. The relaxed meeting with friends for drinks, the fun-filled nights for wild party, the experience of having fun in a city that never sleeps! In the center of Thessaloniki you can find any kind of nightclub and get in touch with its most frantic side.

Request information for your outing from the reception’s staff, 24 hours a day.


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