For those who believe that physical fitness is important and act on it, Thessaloniki will vindicate you. In the city you will find sports facilities ideal for various kinds of sports covering all needs and desires.

For football fans, Thessaloniki has soccer fields (especially 5X5), as well as basketball, volleyball and tennis fields. Of course, you will also find plenty of gyms (private - municipal), swimming pools - indoor swimming pools and entertainment venues for billiards or bowling. For the more adventurous there are paintball fields.

One thing that Thessaloniki does not lack of is the outdoor activities. In the mountains of the surrounding area, the visitor can enjoy moments in nature by choosing to do hiking on marked footpaths, climbing to ideal slopes for climber fans, and mountaineering. In winter, in the mountains of Thessaloniki you will find several ski centers for activities.

Sea lovers in Thessaloniki will find many diving schools and agencies organizing maritime activities, especially for the region of Chalkidiki.


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