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As the main transportation hub of northern Greece, Thessaloniki has easy access by road, rail and air.

By car, is located on the international axis PA.THE (Patra, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Evzoni), while with the completion of the Egnatia highway it now connects easily with the rest of Greece, from the Ionian Sea to the Greek-Turkish borders. The completion of the Egnatia, apart from the existing ring road has also created in the city and the outer circumferential that allows travelers to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace to completely bypass the city.

By rail is connected with regular services to Athens, whilst the fast Intercity trains make the trip in less than 4.5 hours. Moreover, Thessaloniki is, due to its position, a main railway hub connection with the Balkans, Central Europe and Turkey with direct routes.

The Railway Station of Thessaloniki is located on the west side of the city close to Dimokratias Square (Vardari) and is served by urban transportation with most lines of the city from all its points.

The airport "Macedonia" is also an important Greek and international hub with regular services to the rest of Greece, and to other key international destinations. There are plans to expand the airstrips in order to be able to receive long-haul flights.

Thessaloniki’s Airport is located 16 km east from the city center and is serviced regularly by bus routes (Bus No 78 departs from the Railway Station in western Thessaloniki) and with a taxi.

The dominant role for the transportation within the city has the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH) with all buses which belong to it.

Taxis are everywhere and you can get a taxi either by booking it (with the taxi company), or by a direct call to a taxi company or by stopping one at many points in the streets, or in any of the numerous taxi ranks.

Radio Taxi of Thessaloniki

Macedonia: 2310 550500-1
Megas Alexandros: 2310 866866
Thessaloniki: 2310 551525
Omega: 2310 511855
White Tower: 2310 214900

Ask our reception staff for information regarding your transportation. We will be glad to assist you.

The climate of Thessaloniki

The climate is more continental and less Mediterranean with a lot of moisture due to the Thermaic Gulf. The famous north wind Vardaris blows in the city occasionally helping as such to the ventilation of the city but generally, the city is affected less by northeastern winds.

Winter is usually quite heavy and while it snows in the city almost every winter, however, many times the snowfall is intense even in the center, although the snow within the city does not last long.

The wettest months are from October to December whilst rainfalls are often heavy and long in duration. On the other hand, the summer is as hot as it is in the rest of Greece.


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